Do you know the “now page movement”?

I first came across it via @sivers and @practicingdev. It looks like a manifesto on focus, a way to make it clear what your main activities currently are or should be.[1]

I would like to expand on it.

There’s no question these two know how to prioritize, act and deliver. It’s nice to have focus, make baby steps and feel progress to keep motivation. This is good advice I’ve needed at some point in my life, and were it not expressed in an absolute tone I wouldn’t have acted on it.

But now I get this rule, and I can transgress it. I feel bad losing the Big Picture, and closing doors.

I’m aware that might be FOMO (bad), but can relabel it as embracing serendipity and opportunity (good).

My page would rather be “Goals”. Or “Tomorrow”. I’m summarizing below but feel free to see the detailed version.

Make tech more inclusive

  • RailsGirlsParis: empowering a handful of women right now, broadening the caring culture with the awesome mentors I’ve met.
  • Next: learning about minorities, safe spaces, reaching out to kids
  • Extending to disabled people physically & mentally, and prison reinsertion

These are opportunities I’m willing to pursue. If you have half a plan and need a hand, I’d gladly change that order for your target audience.

Be a better person

  • Embodying my values: voting with my ballot, my wallet, my example & my company
  • Learning & sharing stuff
  • Do sports, be fit, make time for friends, raise a family
  • Create boardgame and my dream strategy game

Impossible possibles

  • fix education, society & the world
  • expand humanity to other planets

[1] The thought resonated and recent community use is also some kind of general statement and intent on what you do right now, like updating on a friend you haven’t seen in a year (I also have reserves on defining oneself by your work, as some tend to do, but that wasn’t the main original focus).