I don’t take any kind of money or presents for referrals.

Many people ask me for referrals because of my position as a co-organiser at ParisRB, hence I think it should all go back to the ParisRB community.

The good news is: if you give money to ParisRB you’ll be listed as a sponsor, which is good for more exposure and finding hires.

It also communicates your engagement: you have funds, and you are ready to spend them for things you need.

— — —

This is not noble, it is merely logical and efficient.

  • most people will try to give me a present from 10 to 300€
  • most people would pay recruiters or head-hunters from 2000 to 9000€
  • ParisRB’s job board, events, or sponsoring would cost 100, 300, to 1500€

And if you end up sponsoring us, we’ll be glad to explain how to present your speech or job offer so as not to throw this money away, and increase your chances to get the greatest developers :)