I like to laugh at absurd things, of which Life provides plenty. I kinda like dark humour. But it’s dangerously close to pitfalls.

— — —

I’ve had more than my share of cynicism, which hasn’t led me to much good. Neither for me, nor for others.

Dark humour usually has the same problems: it “passively allows” for actual harm. Some people will be as smart as you and see the snark. Some won’t.

Other people will simply see that saying harmful things is OK. It’s irrelevant whether they understand or not, if it’s a joke or not. Things will escalate, and soon enough there’ll be some uncomfortable things. Will you be able to stop them then? Will you have driven good folks out? Where should the line be drawn?

— — —

This is actually the very first tip in Dale Carnegie’s “how to win friends and influence people” (cheesy title, good tips). Some biographies will stress out how some remarkable person never spoke foul of anyone.

As a teenager, one usually don’t need to add to snarkiness and ego. As an adult, when raising a problem, it’s better, more responsible to bring at least one solution.