Many. On many topics.

They all mostly respect the following rules:

they’re mine

  1. nobody else’s
    1. yours may differ and that’s fine
    2. they’re not my employer’s or customers’

they’re open to debate

  1. it’s part of the publishing game - but if you debate, play by the debate rules
    1. a person is not a single thought - nobody is a piece of shit for an opinion
    2. I wrote them to share so I feel either entitled to them or curious
  2. I might change my mind. That’s what people do when they learn.

they may be wrong

  1. they may reflect lots of ignorance on a topic
    1. they may be badly written - even if you don’t like my words, perhaps we agree
    2. they may reflect a different point of view - many things depend on circumstances
  2. feel free to politely correct me
    1. patience, politeness but most of all proven facts can change my opinion
    2. I’m not so important they should be enough to upset you
  3. if something is wrong enough, we should talk over a nice tea or beer