Hi, I'm Sylvain Abélard

Tomorrow is full of wonders!

My take on the "now page movement" & my general directions. If you have cool projects I might join in!

Ruby, Web, tech community

Focused on the Ruby or dev community:
ParisRB, live video stream & Slack,
RailsGirls Paris & Women on Rails,
plus some we have to try: FRuby-cast, Book Club, & Architecture Katas.

Zen Metaphor

Teaching taught me that some basics just need simple analogies to grasp them quickly. This is why do a weekly podcast on zenm4.net (in French, on hiatus).

The Codeless Code

I translated many Codeless Code cases in french.
I made a best of here, but you should read them all!
They inspired me, and you can find some of my humble attempts in English & French.


Of course my code projects are on my GitHub: mostly Jekyll-related stuff, collaborative texts and translations.


The most likely projects to come out next are a few boardgames I want to design, or often just redesigns of games I love.


Reviewing, formatting, publishing as PDF & eBook French HPMOR translation @ FanFiction.net by AdrienH. Now on GitHub for easier reviews & collaboration.

Many more...

I should translate The Sagan Series someday.