Hi, I'm Sylvain Abélard


Here's take on the "Now page movement": use it as a goal-oriented manifesto named "Tomorrow".

These are my current priorities.
If you wish and can help for projects in these general directions, I'd be glad to change local priorities and seize the opportunity, so we can all gather more drive and efficiency than the sum of each part(icipant).

Make tech more inclusive

Understand & help minorities, expand the culture of care & sharing. Gain insight and leverage.

RailsGirlsParis twice a year, weekly Women on Rails, make ParisRB more inclusive with CoCs, reminders, relentlessly commenting on non-inclusive job offers...
Soon: for kids
In the next few years, reach out to parents, schools, teachers & kids to fix things at the pipeline entry rather than later.
Next: disabilities
In the coming years I hope to do something for the physically disabled and the mentally disabled when/if possible.
Long shot: reinsertion
When I have experience in helping people change careers, reaching out to dropout youths or inmates find a job after prison.

Be a better person

Embody my values with my ballot, wallet & example.

Selfish projects

Impossible possibles