Hi, I'm Sylvain Abélard

Architecture Katas

A new, green-field project is a rare thing.

A software architect has to design complex systems that has to withstand (hardly ,un,)predictable changes, for others to build.

To be worth any salt, one must have designed a lot of systems, and been bitten back by their flaws.

Yet starting a project and seeing it reach completion are both rare things, so it's rare meeting someone with even (as few as) ten non-toy projects.

Practice makes perfect. Well, better.

Software architecture requires a lot of experience in many topics.

As with any human, abstract and recent discipline, there is no single "right" answer.

Deliberate practice is key to any process of self improvement, so let's do this!

Living with your choices

Just architecting an elegant solution isn't enough. Elegant is very subjective, after all.

You're not going to code your project to completion in a night. So the focus will be on discussing solutions.

As hurt egos are bad advisors, I will probably have something like anonymous paper notes or emails to share initial solutions.

Next steps

Let's meet up to start this! We can either join a CodeLab, or do a special event.
Let me know via Twitter, GitHub or Meetup.

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