You might notice much negativity on here.

I am deeply sorry, because I know it makes us all miserable, and we would all live better days and better lives if only we were more positive.

Plus, I know not everyone deserves the harsh comments. It’s easy to categorize things and people and belittle them.

I aim to do short articles here, and the inspiration spawns from advice I’m asked and discussions I have. I am much more positive or nuanced in real life but I seldom take time here for the usual disclaimers. This blog post is my overall disclaimer.

— — —

Please note my posts are more intended as warnings (you think X but please check Y) than attacks: I don’t wish to fall in the “cynicism makes you look smart”, but rather to warn people about blunders or unnecessary hardships they can avoid.

I had to learn these the hard way, and I wish you don’t. I know most lessons only stick when learnt the hard way, so here’s for my optimism: I hope that you learn anyway :)

I think my willingness to not hide ugly truths even when I have interests in comfortable lies happening are a huge part of why people not only come to me for advice, but come back for followups.

— — —

Lastly, the very first blog post reminds these ideas are mine, open to debate and possibly wrong. I am willing to change my mind. Whenever I felt I must be negative: please prove me wrong! :)