The Gullible Young are a valuable resource to the IT ecosystem.

Individually they’re worth nothing, and managers like that they are so cheaply replaceable. But as a whole they represent a workforce that’s silent and easy to abuse.

A very simple way to keep them helpless is distracting their young minds with absurdities.

  1. Everything is an emergency!
  2. The customer is always right!
  3. Do insane hours!
  4. You’ll be a partner!
  5. You’ll be the CTO!
  6. You’ll be a manager!
  7. And they’re happy when they work very late and the company pays for pizza.

If you’re young, a valuable life lesson is “trust, but verify”. No one should be offended if you want to check what’s really in the job offer.

You might rationalise your choice (Stockholm Syndrome) by some things you’re learning.

  • If you’re not paid enough to be living honestly and decently, leave.
  • If you’re not growing, have time to learn or others to compare, leave.
  • If you don’t have time to see friends, loved ones, or do hobbies, leave.