This is my series on the Gullible Young. I don’t mean to mock them, I’ve been one. They’re often lovable with their dreams and energy.

So, you’re the CTO?

— — —

If you’re the only dev in the company, you’re not the CTO.

You’re the developer, and someone is giving you a glittering title so you will work for him for cheap.


— — —

It’s also possible you’re given full freedom to build great things. That’s awesome!

But there’s a reason why they say devs want three things “autonomy, mastery and purpose”, and the one you’re missing here is having mentors to grow or peers to compare and grow with.

You probably will enjoy your job long enough until youth’s pride wears off and you feel you’re missing something (with or without realizing it).

— — —

By then, I hope your company has grown enough to give you more challenges, hire senior coworkers, or even provide you with a tech lead.

Before feeling betrayed, consider this from your partners: it may not feeling you’re not up to the task, it may not be ingratitude.

Anyway, it’s opportunity, and it’s yours to seize.