This is my series on the Gullible Young. I don’t mean to mock them, I’ve been one. They’re often lovable with their dreams and energy.

So, you were promised a managing position?

— — —

Well, be grateful of course, this might be a white lie to get you in. After all, young graduates are sought after and they’ve all been implanted the idea that managing is great and coding is dirty.

But please put your ego aside and read on.

Even if you’re a bright genius, will 50-somethings listen to you?

Did you live, see, and manage enough crises in a company setting so someone is confident enough to give you the lead on such situations?

Or will you just be updating spreadsheets for someone more important?

— — —

If you need the job and can’t do something else, that’s fine. If you actually have enough experience (associations, internships, gigs), that’s fine.

But please don’t think you deserve to be a manager. No one owes you nothing until you deserved it.

Some people fought harder than you to get here. I’d rather give them that kind of position.