This is my series on the Gullible Young. I don’t mean to mock them, I’ve been one. They’re often lovable with their dreams and energy.

— — —

So, you stayed very late and the company paid for pizza?

Well, be grateful of course, someone might care about you, and it might be the only thing they can do within the budget the company allows them.

And perhaps you stayed late because you did some horrible mistake, or you slacked off during the day, or you have very flexible hours, or you’re just having fun coding when nobody’s disturbing you.

If you’re willingly spending time (not your health, this isn’t worth it) away from your passions and your loved ones, please do.

— — —

But these also are basic manners. Or a way to cut you from seeing friends who might tell you how abusive your employer is.

Anyway, be aware of what your market hourly rate is.

If you’re getting 15€ worth of dinner when you give the company four hours at 50-100€/hour, you’re just being ripped off.