You want to create a company. Please do! I wish you luck. I hope your business will make you and countless others happy.

Be bold enough that you’re not a quitter! Be flexible enough that you’re not a fool in a Monkey Trap! Stay alive! Eat, sleep, and get enough motivation to work every day!

I would be sad if it doesn’t help people, or if you fail miserably. Here are some things to check before starting the journey.

— — —

Be honest as to WHY you want to create a company.

Creating a company is hard, lonely work. You WILL be depressed and frustrated at times.

You WILL face people who don’t understand (and judge you). We all want to belong to a group: without family and friends’ support, the journey gets harder.

Still excited about creating your own business? Rest on it, explore these possibilities, explore others, and if you’re still on it, well: I wish you luck :)