I meet many people who want to be entrepreneurs. If this is going to be your first job after internships, I usually want to warn you about all of this.

For those in a hurry, I’d just say:

Do two jobs for two years each first, then create your company.

For the others, I have to go the full grandpa-advice:

  • Be good to your heart (be happy, chase your dream, live with your values)
  • Be good to your body (eat, drink & sleep well: you’ll do no good if you aren’t good)
  • Don’t let your energy starve (keep growing, be curious, don’t get satisfied)

  • Why do you want to be an entrepreneur? Why this idea?
  • Power Porn is not the real world (read bios but make things)
  • Your idea will change, be open and lose that ego (it started things & will keep you going though)

  • Get experience & money, knowledge & network, trust & proof first
  • You don’t even know what you don’t know, clear some of that first
  • Managing humans is hard, learn it before you need it super-badly

Blog posts to come!