Creating a company is hard.

I already suggest to mind your body and heart: if the machine doesn’t work, your company won’t work.

One way I suggested was to take two 2-year jobs to learn, earn cash, and create a network.

But here’s the catch: in these 4 years, many things can happen. You might not want to create a company after that:

  • you found happiness in other ways, and that’s fine.
  • you have many more constraints than expected, and that’s fine.
  • you got soft, in a comfort zone you don’t want to leave from, and that’s too bad.

— — —

Changing jobs changes many things: location/commute, responsibilities, relationships… If that’s your first job, it’s even going from student to employed: even more changes! I wrote these posts for young entrepreneurs, so I’ll probably add things that happen and change your life drastically: significant others, habits in life…

You’ll be settling for a new rythm, and you might not create your business after that.

If you’re happy where you are and stop wanting to create a company, so be it! I will certainly not be the judge of what makes you happy or not.

Some will even find in their current job the challenges which made them want to create a company in the first place. Great!

If you’re stuck with student debt and mortage, well, that’s life. It means it would have been dangerous to create a business, for a reason that didn’t depend on you. There are plenty of things you can do to pay for that debt faster: learn more, put safety nets, try things… these are great things to learn!

— — —

But you can just be stuck in habits that formed, that don’t make you happier, and that you will likely not reconsider often. You got too soft and comfortable.

Get out that comfort zone! You had dreams, act on them!