You can’t be responsible of everything.
It’s tiring when you are or feel so, and we’ve heard all sorts of advice to “let it go”.

— — —

But when you think everything depends on you, you strive to be the best, to learn more, to act more.

The high expectations you set on yourself make you, temporarily, a more miserable person.
But the efforts you make then make you a better person in the long run.

You don’t discard responsibility. You ask for forgiveness for screwing up things that were only 10% your fault.

You look dependable. You make friends and allies for the next tough moment. Foes and abusers jump out from the shadows, so you know who they are.

— — —

Of course you need to rest from time to time. Step aside, explain your new friends that cost you, and you need to rest. They’ll understand.

And when you’re done resting, become awesome again and improve yourself faster again.