“No plan survives the contact with the enemy.”

When creating a company, we have explicit and implicit ideas. And these ideas are often wrong, so our plans need to change.

Still, we need a plan. Or perhaps more accurately, we need to set a direction, so we can explain where we’re going and if we’re making progress.

The hidden part is: how (and how often) do you do reality-checks and confront your plans to actual metrics to see if you’re on track?

— — —

If creating a company is your first job, there are many cues you don’t even know how to notice. You probably don’t know you need to change, nor how to change, nor how to communicate efficiently.

This may be too much at once. Learn other things in another job. But make sure that’s a job where you learn.

— — —

So your idea will change, be open and lose that ego! The world has plenty of ideas, but even good ideas need some adaptation.

You WILL be glad to see “your” idea work. You WILL be sad that it had to be changed so much.

It’s not about you being stupid the first time you got the idea. It’s about not being stubborn when the World tells you you need some change.