Hard problem ahead? Want me to help?

Well I’m willing to, but I will not give you the answer ;)

— — —

What I want to know from you are these:

  • context - what do you have now? where are you?
  • goals - where would you like to go?

Feel lost already? Not sure? No problem, continue telling me more about, we’ll sort this out.

If you can’t answer, that’ll be hard for both of us. Calm down, tell me more, and it’ll work.

— — —

What I want to try out now are these:

  • plan - what steps could we take, to solve this?
  • action - what next step can we take right now?

It’s OK for you not to have these answers. It’s why you needed a mentor for.

But if you tried things before, I want to know. Perhaps:

  • it was a nice try, you missed just a little bit
  • you had the first part right, the rest is just not fitting
  • you went into a dead end, because you missed something

Anyway, I’m glad you tried. We’ll discuss that and fill in the blanks.

— — —

Perhaps you’ve tried to do these steps on your own, and succeeded by now? Well, that’s awesome, now the merit is all yours :D