Two recently appointed abbots Aki and Haru were assigned to their teams and projects. Due to the recurring shortage of abbots at the Temple*, they were given much freedom in choosing their ways of leading despite their young age.

They were also led by a healthy dose of righteousness, foolishness, and most of all the wish of not losing one’s head.

Upon arriving to the Spider Clan, Aki immediately launched several projects at once, redirecting the monks from previous tasks. “The Emperor is waiting for us”, he said, “and he is not famous for his patience.”

Surely, this would please the Province Governor.

But Haru scoffed at this attitude: he immediately set up the guidelines, the meetings and documents that should be produced before working, like True Engineers should. “Once we deliver applications to the Emperor, their failure is ours. No surprises to him, nobody among us surprisingly losing his head.”

Surely, this would please the Temple’s masters, and upon her return master Suku would find a cleaner abbey.

— — —

Thanks to his knowledge on the ways of the Temple, the old monk Shinpuru was asked to help on many projects, and he soon found himself having to answer orders from two heads at the same time.

As gardening was soothing his mind, he asked master Banzen for the permission of creating two shrubs. The master mercifully agreed.

— — —

The first garden did not show any sign of improvement for weeks.

Aki had difficult deadlines to meet, and required full attention from his monks. He came find the senior monk one evening.

Shinpuru was sitting before it, silently contemplating.

“You asked for two plots, yet you let this one untouched”, noted the abbot. “What purpose are you seeking?”

“Planning,” said Shinpuru.

— — —

The second garden was quickly sowed with a mix of whatever Shinpuru could find. Many kind of flowers were blossoming, but one could recognize weeds that would steal the other flowers’ nutrients.

Haru had a big overhaul to do, and required full attention from his monks. He came find the senior monk one evening.

Shinpuru was removing some of the plants in no particular order.

“You are pulling today the flowers you sowed last week,” noted the abbot. “What purpose are you seeking?”

“I changed my priorities, and like this colour better”, said Shinpuru.

— — —

Both abbots returned to their quarters with stronger faith in their own ways.

Qi's poem

Tell two people the same thing
they can hear two things
depending on previous faith.

*  As documented in cases 61, 62, 67, 104, 120, 179 and probably a few others besides. Abbots in the Spider Clan have the average life expectancy of a rice bowl before a starving novice.